Roberto Saccon

CEO, Skast, LLC

Roberto recently founded Skast, LLC, a Micro-ISV specialized in utility computing and scalable web solutions. Before that, Roberto was an IT consultant in the financial and telecommunications industries.

Current Projects

erlycomet - A Comet server written in Erlang and implementing the Bayeux specification.

A couple of other Erlang related open source projects at Google Code, all with the erly prefix.

Why Comet?

Comet is the key for delivering the power of Erlang concurrency and scalability to the browser.

Sources of Inspiration

My daily (tentative) running…

Published Stuff

My blog, some nice photos about people and places in Brazil and an academic paper about Open Source software. I was a lazy student, and my papers were so irrelevant that the Googlebot refused to index them…

Lifetime Accomplishments

Before getting married I did a few foolish things. One of them was cycling for five months and 8600 km all over Scandinavia and Iceland.


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