Michael Carter

Senior Developer, Brand Up

Current Projects

Orbited is an Open Source (MIT License) scalable Comet server. It is cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac), cross-language (supports Python, Ruby, PHP, and more), and cross-browser (IE 5.0+, Safari 2+, FF 1+, Opera 8.5+). The project aims to provide a straightforward developer API for both browser and server application developers. Our second focus is scalability and performance.

My employer Brand Up provides a solid testing ground for Orbited applications and generously allows much of my in-house Comet-related work to be released as Open Source Software. Brand Up crafts strategic, technology-focused communications solutions that drive loyalty and customer growth across all media. With offices across the United States, Brand Up specializes in strategy, creative, customer interaction, media planning, direct marketing and interactive technology to offer end-to-end marketing solutions to its Fortune 500 and Global 2000 client list. My recent work at Brand Up is on a product called Mail Up, a mass marketing tool complete with real-time (Comet) stats rendering.

Why Comet?

I cannot condone inferior methods for any project I work on. In the case of web applications, Comet is clearly the next logical step and the future. Why spend any time working with clearly outdated (non-Comet) web technology? That’s why I started the Orbited project.

Sources of Inspiration

I am impressed with technologies that scale: Libevent, Memcached, and Lighttpd, for example. I want to build software that has a clear path for scaling up. But like SQLAlchemy, which claims both to scale up and “scale down”, I believe that developer interfaces are important and they should be as straightforward and easy to use as possible.

Published Stuff

The Orbited Blog contains a collection of articles about Orbited and the general theory of scaling Comet applications

Lifetime Accomplishments

I’m still getting there. I’m proud of Orbited, glad to be employed, and happy to be done with school for the time being.


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