Jose Maria Arranz

CTO, Innowhere

Jose Maria Arranz is the creator of ItsNat, and CTO of Innowhere. He is determined to liberate the web world of the awful page-based navigation paradigm, and is based in Spain near Madrid.

Current Projects

ItsNat is a server centric Java web framework with a methodology named TBITS, “The Browser Is The Server”, simulating a W3C Java browser in the server where the browser is a sophisticated terminal of the server.

JNIEasy and LAMEOnJ bridge Java and the native world and have nothing to do with Comet.

Why Comet?

Comet is the missing part of the web, a web that is mainly passive and “pull”-based, used by isolated users. I think Comet is the technology that will heavily change how the web is conceived, designed and used. A web with real-time capabilities, instant communications with other users including a special “person”, the server, using only web technologies very well integrated and transparent to the user.

Sources of Inspiration

Currently ItsNat occupies most of my brain. When I was developing ItsNat, I knew Comet but it wasn’t inside my bag of ideas until I realized Comet was a perfect fit for ItsNat! Today the most interesting ItsNat features (remote page monitoring, server-sent events, functional testing, etc.) are all based on Comet.

Published Stuff

I’m a university guy, in fact I do some teaching (mainly programing languages) in a Spanish university (UPM) and I have some formal university papers written out there. Most of my published work is online and related to my work outside the university. I usually publish articles, comments etc. on Java related webs like javalobby,, Java Developers’s Journal, javaHispano (I am personal involved with this site) and now of course Comet Daily, most of them related to JNIEasy, LAMEOnJ and ItsNat.

Lifetime Accomplishments

I’m an industrial engineer with finished doctoral studies, but I don’t have a formal written doctoral thesis. JNIEasy and ItsNat are my two theses written in source code form.

I run my own company and have had the opportunity to turn some of my ideas into reality and enjoy developing software.

Exporting some Spanish based software because I can’t export “playas”, “paellas” or “siestas”. A very important note: if you are looking for a job in Spain to sleep after lunch, I’m sorry, almost no company offers time to “siesta”, the Spanish “siesta” only is possible on holidays and weekends.

Lifetime un-accomplishments: improve my English and liberate the web world of the awful page-based navigation paradigm.



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