Jordi Albornoz Mulligan

Founding Engineer, Cambridge Semantics

Jordi works for Cambridge Semantics building tools for writing applications based on semantic technologies such as RDF and SPARQL. There he leads the user interface and web application framework project. He is a core contributor to the Open Anzo project, building the web client API for manipulating semantic data. Jordi has always been interested in technologies that blur the line between web applications and native platform applications.

Current Projects

Open Anzo

Why Comet?

I believe Comet allows improved user experience on the web and, even more interestingly, improved web application development patterns. It gives developers a new way to think about a browser when designing web applications, potentially simplifying the application design in many situations.

Published Stuff

Various articles about Web Services. I was a core contributor to the Life Sciences Identifiers (LSID) specification.

Sources of Inspiration

Punk rock and its offshoots.


Open Anzo
Cambridge Semantics

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