Joe Walker

Software Engineer at Mozilla

Joe Walker is a software engineer at Mozilla, helping create Bespin, a web development editor that lives on the web. Previously, Joe was Director of Support & Development for SitePen Ltd. where we worked on advanced web development techniques like Ajax and Comet. Joe developed DWR which has become the most popular Ajax toolkit for Java by making browser/server interaction intuitive for web developers.

Current Projects


Why Comet?

See my opening post! The web is getting more dynamic and Comet is the answer.

Sources of Inspiration

The sources of perspiration in enterprise Java. Unneeded complexity is a bug.

Published Stuff

As you’d probably expect, too many blog posts and not enough pages of DWR documentation. But also, more randomly, some Nagios documentation, an article on static code analysis, an XML glossary, and from way back, an article on writing secure code.

Lifetime Accomplishments

Hmmm, if you can just wait there one tick, I’ll go and accomplish something and get back to you.


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