Jerod Venema

COO, Frozen Mountain Software, Inc.

As COO of Frozen Mountain Software and one of the developers of WebSync, Jerod is best known for his ability to get things done.

He has recently spent much time working on and with web-based frameworks designed to help improve and ease software development in general and web development in particular.

Current Projects and Contributions


Why Comet?

When Wikipedia came along, there was a massive shift in how people viewed the web. It was no longer simply a place to gather information, but a place to contribute information as well. The next logical step is allowing people to contribute information to each other instantly, collaborating together and sharing information in real-time. This is an idea that is gaining a lot of momentum, and I’m excited about the possibilities that Comet offers.

Sources of Inspiration

Frozen Mountain wrote WebSync in response to our own need for a comet server based on the .NET framework; when I think about all the possibilities that are out there for real-time communication, I really get excited.

Published Stuff

Not yet, but I hope to be able to write something about using IIS and .NET to write a Comet server!

Lifetime Accomplishments

My life’s not over yet! But in the meantime, I’ve graduated with degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from NC State University (go pack!) and co-founded Frozen Mountain Software which centers around Comet technology and the “real-time web.” I’m an avid singer (yep, church choir!) and I’ve contributed back tons of answers, source code, and time to various open source frameworks. Another major accomplishment was convincing my wife, Angela, (somehow) that she should marry me.


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