Jean-Francois Arcand

Sun Microsystems

Jean-Francois Arcand works for Sun Microsystems. He currently leads project Grizzly, an extended NIO based framework used in multiples products. He also works on Web 2.0 topics like Ajax performance and leads the Comet activities at Sun. Jean-Francois lives and works from home in Prevost, a very small city in Qu├ębec where life is perfect.

Current Projects


Why Comet?

It is quite interesting in terms of performance and implementation on top of Java NIO and NIO.2

Published Stuff

Many articles and presentations about Grizzly and Comet. There are also a few journal articles about Artificial Neural Networks and Intelligent Agents from my previous works.

Lifetime Accomplishments

Created Grizzly for GlassFish, significantly improved performance of the GlassFish WebContainer. Helped to make GlassFish a first class Application Server.


Sun Microsystems
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