Dylan Schiemann

CEO, SitePen, Inc.

As CEO of SitePen and co-founder of the Dojo Toolkit, Dylan has grown SitePen to be recognized as the leading provider of web development and consulting services offered by an unsurpassed team of software engineers, designers, and consultants. Dylan is an expert in the technologies and opportunities of the Open Web and his commitment to R&D has enabled SitePen to be a major contributor to pioneering open source web development toolkits and frameworks like Dojo, cometD, and Persevere. Prior to SitePen, Dylan developed web applications for Informatica and a variety of start-ups.

Current Projects

Dojo Toolkit

Why Comet?

Low-latency data transit is essential to the instant gratification web. Collaborative, real-time web applications are possible because of Comet techniques.

Sources of Inspiration

I first really understood the need for Comet while working at Informatica, and was first able to create an application that really used Comet at Renkoo. Thinking about the types of applications that users need inspires me most when thinking about Comet.

Published Stuff

Comet chapter in the O’Reilly book Even Faster Web Sites. Many articles and presentations about Dojo and Comet. There are also a few journal articles about chemistry research from my days as a student.

Lifetime Accomplishments

Accomplishments might be a bit of a stretch given the amazing things that other people in the world have done. That said, a few notable things include: starting a software consulting company (SitePen), co-creating an open source project (Dojo Toolkit), dropping out of a Ph.D program in Physical Chemistry, competing as a two-sport athlete in college (soccer and hammer throw), scoring perfect on a few standardized math tests, and traveling the world.


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