Alex Russell

Software Engineer, Google

Alex Russell is a software Engineer at Google working on Chrome Frame. He serves as President of the Dojo Foundation, an organization that supports development of several high-quality open source JavaScript projects and distributes them under liberal terms.

Previously Alex was the project lead for the Dojo Toolkit and Director of R&D at SitePen. Alex also was a senior software engineer at JotSpot and Informatica where he helped both companies build highly interactive web interfaces. His earlier open source involvement included stints as editor of the OWASP Guide to Building Secure Web Applications and primary author of the netWindows DHTML toolkit.

Current Projects

Dojo Toolkit
OpenAjax Alliance
EcmaScript 4 Working Group

Why Comet?

Comet improves application responsiveness for collaborative, multi-user applications and does it without the performance headaches associated with intermittent polling.


Dojo Toolkit
Chrome Frame
Alex’s blog

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