Dojo 1.2 and Comet, Part 1

by Dylan SchiemannJune 18th, 2008

The upcoming Dojo 1.2 release, scheduled for July, is a significant improvement over previous releases for Comet application developers. In Part 1 of this multi-part series on the improvements you can expect with Dojo, I’ll focus on instant messaging.

Comet Server Ingredients

by Frank SalimJune 10th, 2008

It seems like everybody and their brother’s goldfish is writing a Comet server these days. The list of implementations has grown dizzyingly long, without any clear leaders emerging.

Intended Usage of HTTP Channels

by Kris ZypJune 5th, 2008

The recent HTTP Channels introduction primarily defined the protocol, so now we expound the the goals and motivation for HTTP Channels.

Various Comet Projects Hosted at Sourceforge

by Dylan SchiemannJune 3rd, 2008

Yesterday, we examined Comet projects hosted at Google Code. Today, we return with a quick summary of alternative Comet projects hosted at Sourceforge.

Various Comet Projects Hosted by Google Code

by Dylan SchiemannJune 2nd, 2008

The proliferation of Comet projects continues to grow. In addition to the many products already mentioned previously at Comet Daily, a quick search of Google Code shows the following initiatives of varying quality and completeness.

On-board vs. Off-board Comet

by Joe WalkerMay 22nd, 2008

Off-board Comet: When separate web-servers handle normal connections and Comet connections. On-board Comet: When the web-server that serves your normal content also handles your Comet connections.

Comet and Cross-Site Scripting

by Joe WalkerMay 20th, 2008

When Ajax was the #1 premium buzzword, we had a spate of ‘Ajax security issues’, which were mostly just known browser issues pumped up with a little extra JavaScript. Most web security issues affect Web 1.0 as much as Web 2.0.

The Many Shades of Bayeux/Cometd

by Greg WilkinsMay 15th, 2008

Cometd Bayeux is a publish/subscribe messaging system, and this has drawn some criticism that PubSub is not the most flexible paradigm for an Ajax/Comet transport.

Comet Gazing: Solutions

by Comet DailyMay 14th, 2008

This time, we’ve asked our contributors the question: “In your experience with Comet development, what solution to a problem are you most proud of, and how did you accomplish it?”

Introducing HTTP Channels

by Kris ZypMay 13th, 2008

HTTP Channels is a transport protocol based on the existing messaging capabilities of HTTP and utilizes the concepts of REST for notification of resource changes. HTTP Channels is intended be a Comet solution for RESTful real time data synchronization architecture and can be used as a Bayeux transport, or it can be used stand-alone.

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