Is WebSocket Chat Simple?

by Greg WilkinsMarch 2nd, 2010

The WebSocket protocol has been touted as a great leap forward for bidirectional web applications like chat, promising a new era of simple Comet applications.

Building a Better Stock Ticker

by Jerod VenemaMarch 1st, 2010

One of the most common use-cases for Comet is the ubiquitous stock ticker demo. Building a stock ticker that has useful functionality is a whole different matter…

Comet in Newspapers: The Spanish Lottery Experiment

by Jose Maria ArranzDecember 22nd, 2009

On December 22nd, the popular Spanish Christmas Lottery took place. This lottery is arranged by the Spanish Government and has a very long tradition in Spain, especially at Christmas when the rewards are the greatest.

Concrete Comet Examples

by Alessandro AlinoneOctober 23rd, 2009

When writing about Comet technologies, sometimes we tend to be a bit abstract and theoretical. In this case, I would like to focus on concrete working examples.

The Next Wave of Comet: A Panel Discussion

by Kevin NilsonOctober 20th, 2009

I recall just a few years ago hearing warning that Ajax should be avoided. As I recall, the biggest objection to Ajax at the time was that users were not ready for Ajax. Many felt that users expected pages to fully refresh and re-rendering part of a page would cause confusion.

Ajax, Flex or Silverlight?

by Martin TylerMarch 30th, 2009

What factors go into the decision of choosing between Ajax, Flash, and Silverlight for your Comet applications?

cometD Acknowledged Message Extension

by Greg WilkinsMarch 27th, 2009

cometd-jetty now has an acknowledged message mechanism for reliable message delivery.

Comet on the iPhone: Interview with Gianluca Bertani

by Alessandro AlinoneJanuary 12th, 2009

I recently had the chance to interview the creator of iStreamLight, an open-source library for the iPhone that implements the network protocol of Lightstreamer.

Liberator Performance and Architecture

by Martin TylerDecember 1st, 2008

Recent discussions on Comet server performance have focused on sockets and IO. However, different usage profiles can cause some very different performance results.

Is it Raining Comets and Threads… Again?

by Jose Maria ArranzNovember 21st, 2008

Are threads really that bad? Is there a significant difference between IO and NIO for Java-based Comet servers? The assumptions, conclusions, and contradictory evidence might surprise you.

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