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Mibbit Adding WebSocket Support

by Dylan SchiemannDecember 11th, 2009

Mibbit recently conducted some WebSocket performance tests with promising results.

WebSocket Now Available in Chrome and cometD-Jetty

by Dylan SchiemannDecember 10th, 2009

WebSocket continues to gain momentum with support in development builds of Chrome and Jetty.

Comet Support for IIS

by Dylan SchiemannNovember 14th, 2009

WebSync is a new Comet implementation for IIS.

Approaches to Streaming

by Martin TylerNovember 14th, 2009

A two-part article on streaming based on the approaches taken at Caplin.

Diesel and Tornado

by Dylan SchiemannOctober 5th, 2009

Diesel and Tornado are a pair of new Python-based, open-source Comet servers.

Getting Started with Orbited

by Dylan SchiemannJuly 22nd, 2009

If you are looking for a quick introduction to Comet and Orbited, Dave Fowler has started a new series of articles.

cometD Approaching a 1.0 Release

by Dylan SchiemannJuly 21st, 2009

The Jetty version of cometD and the Bayeux protocol are near a long-anticipated 1.0 release.

When will IE6 die?

by Martin TylerJuly 21st, 2009

IE6 continues to hold back the open web.

Quick Introduction to Orbited

by Dylan SchiemannJune 16th, 2009

Starting Out with Comet (Orbited) is the first in a planned series of articles by Dave Fowler on getting up to speed with Comet.


by Kris ZypJune 14th, 2009

Jupiter IT recently released Jabbify, a service for providing Comet capabilities.

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