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Building real-time apps with Google

by Martin TylerJune 11th, 2010

Google’s announcements at Google I/O about the App Engine Channel API and the new v2 Feed API now includes more details.

Comet Message sizes

by Martin TylerJune 11th, 2010

I did some interesting research recently on Comet server message sizes and bandwidth considerations.

Google and Comet

by Martin TylerMay 20th, 2010

At Google I/O this week, there have been a couple of Comet related announcements.

cometD 1.1.1 Final and 2.0 Beta Released

by Dylan SchiemannApril 21st, 2010

The cometD project has announced a couple of new releases!

HTML 5 WebSocket Updates

by Martin TylerApril 21st, 2010

There’s been a few interesting things on HTML 5 WebSocket recently that I thought were worth mentioning.

Lightstreamer 3.6 Released

by Alessandro AlinoneFebruary 22nd, 2010

Last week we released updated versions of all the Lightstreamer components (which include the server and the client libraries).

Comet to Follow Server Threads Progression

by Jose Maria ArranzDecember 21st, 2009

Joseph McCarthy from IBM Ireland has written a tutorial, “Using Comet for asynchronous user notification of autonomous server thread progression”, about how to use polling and Comet (long-polling) in Java.

Jetty WebSocket Server

by Greg WilkinsDecember 21st, 2009

Jetty’s async IO architecture is ideally suited to providing a very scalable implementation of WebSocket that is well integrated with standard server-side java application environments.

cometD 1.0.1 Released

by Dylan SchiemannDecember 18th, 2009

cometD 1.0 was recently released with a great set of features, and includes Comet clients for Dojo and jQuery.

APE (Ajax Push Engine) 1.0

by Dylan SchiemannDecember 12th, 2009

Weeyla has released version 1.0 of APE (Ajax Push Engine), an open-source Comet server.

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