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Real Time Chat with Hookbox and Flask

by Dylan SchiemannOctober 4th, 2010

A start to finish tutorial on using Hookbox with Flask.

Current State of Comet

by Dylan SchiemannSeptember 24th, 2010

Watch this short video to learn more about Comet.

Comet Auctions

by Dylan SchiemannSeptember 20th, 2010

Add auctions to the list of services moving towards a Comet infrastructure. A pair of very different examples are Heritage Auctions and Flutteroo.

ItsNat 1.0, Full Remote Control with Comet

by Jose Maria ArranzAugust 23rd, 2010

ItsNat v1.0 has been released and features “Full Remote Control” mode for the sharing of pages by many users.

Equalizer Demo with Hookbox

by Dylan SchiemannJuly 30th, 2010

We’ve all seen the typical Comet demos: chat, stock quotes, and system monitoring applications. Hookbox user Salman Haq surprised me with a demo I hadn’t seen before with Comet: a graphical equalizer with its values driven from Comet

Faye 0.5 Released

by Dylan SchiemannJuly 19th, 2010

James Coglan has just released Faye 0.5, an easy-to-use publish-subscribe messaging system for Ruby, Node.js and web browsers, based on the Bayeux protocol.

London Comet Panel Video

by Dylan SchiemannJuly 19th, 2010

The recent London Comet panel was a fun and informative introduction to Comet by many of the world’s leading Comet developers.

Tunguska: Node Gets Persevere’s Comet Tools

by Dylan SchiemannJuly 19th, 2010

While a number of Comet projects out there attempt to provide a black box solution to Comet, Tunguska recognizes that most real-time applications involve deep integration into the application.

cometD 2.0 Released

by Dylan SchiemannJuly 19th, 2010

cometD 2.0.0 has been released and features 2 major changes: a rewritten Java API (and
implementation) and WebSocket support.

Comet Invades London in July

by Dylan SchiemannJune 14th, 2010

On July 13th, Comet invades London at the free London Ajax User Group’s Comet Panel.

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