The OpenCoweb Project

by Dylan SchiemannMarch 7th, 2011

The OpenCoweb Project is a new Dojo Foundation project focused on the development of the Open Cooperative Web Framework.

From the Dojo Foundation blog post:

This new JavaScript framework builds upon CometD to enable “cooperative web applications” featuring concurrent, real-time interactions among remote users and external data sources. The framework handles remote notification of user changes, the resolution of conflicting changes, and convergence of application state using an operational transformation algorithm.

The technology in OpenCoweb can be applied to a variety of solution areas such as:

  • E-Learning or Distance Learning
  • Call Center Support
  • Financial Analyst Briefing
  • Healthcare / Telemedicine
  • Online collaborative authoring and editing
  • One-on-One (Manager/Employee) Reviews

For more information, visit the OpenCoweb project web page. For details about the framework, see the documentation and source code.

Of particular note to Comet developers, the OpenCoweb currently delivers two cooperative web server implementations. One extends the CometD Java Server and the other is a Python server based on Facebook’s Tornado server. Both servers provide a cooperative web application container that supports coweb sessions over the Bayeux protocol. Bayeux serves as the wire format for communication between session participants and the server. Both server implementations support service bots that run within the server process and offer extension points for external bots to participate in sessions.

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