WebSockets Disconnected for Firefox 4

by Dylan SchiemannDecember 7th, 2010

Per the disable and/or remove WebSockets for gecko 2.0 due to security problems discussion on Bugzilla, and the discussion around security of WebSockets, Firefox 4 is disabling WebSockets by default. A user may enable them via a preference, but they will not be enabled in a final release until the protocol is updated to use a more secure CONNECT-based handshake.

It’s a serious security issue with WebSockets and proxies, so expect a change in the protocol asap to fix this. Unfortunately, this will not happen in time for the release date of Firefox 4.

5 Responses to “WebSockets Disconnected for Firefox 4”

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  2. Steven Roussey Says:

    I think Opera is disabling as well, and RIM is holding off on enabling it.

  3. DylanSchiemann Says:

    Chris Blizzard from mozilla has additional details today: http://www.0xdeadbeef.com/weblog/2010/12/disabling-websockets-for-firefox-4/

    @Steven, I thought it was already enabled in BB6?

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