NASA and Comet

by Alessandro AlinoneOctober 21st, 2010

Lightstreamer has been procured by NASA Mission Operations Directorate via Lockheed Martin. The Mission Operations Directorate is evaluating the product for distribution of real-time spacecraft telemetry data.

I am happy to see that the Comet paradigm, originally created for the financial industry (which still represents the vast majority in Comet business) is now spreading to other industries, such as Aerospace and Military. Telemetry is no doubt a great application for Comet. We realized this when we released the first Comet demo for Formula 1 many years ago. Being able to monitor in real time the state of a vehicle, be it human-driven or robotic, through a web browser or a smart phone, is important progress.

The full press release on Lightstreamer and NASA is available.

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