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by Jose Maria ArranzOctober 12th, 2010

Soler y Llach S.A. is a Spanish based auction company mainly of old art and archeological articles (for instance coins). Auctions take place at a real auction hall, but there’s significant momentum towards supporting internet-based auctions, allowing buyers to participate in person or online.

The auction technology for Soler y Llach S.A. is built with ItsNat Ajax web framework mixing several technologies like long-polling Comet (provided by ItsNat), Flash for audio, and jQuery for some instant visual effects.

You can see and participate in an interactive simulation of a real auction. In this example you can bid for articles, the simulator simulates other people bidding for the same articles, and the voice (in Spanish) simulates the live person coordinating the auction. In the simulator, recorded audio is synchronized with auction actions usually pushed from the server by ItsNat Comet.

Another interesting example of Soler y Llach with Comet and ItsNat is on the fly PDF generation of summaries of already finalized auctions. Instead of waiting for a typical long request, a simple indicator shows how the completion status of PDF generation, and when completed a link is shown to download the new PDF report! A great use of Comet techniques to provide a useful, asynchronous user experience.

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