Equalizer Demo with Hookbox

by Dylan SchiemannJuly 30th, 2010

EDIT: Salman has written a full article about the equalizer demo. Check it out!

We’ve all seen the typical Comet demos: chat, stock quotes, and system monitoring applications. Hookbox user Salman Haq surprised me with a demo I hadn’t seen before with Comet: a graphical equalizer with its values driven from Comet:

Equalizer demo

The equalizer source code is quite simple, just using a set of slider widgets client-side, and populating their values with the results returned from Hookbox.

I expect that this is just the first of many creative examples made possible with a simple hosted Comet service.

One Response to “Equalizer Demo with Hookbox”

  1. Salman Haq Says:

    Thanks Dylan. I’ve written a slightly longer post about my experiment with Hookbox. You can find it here:


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