Faye 0.5 Released

by Dylan SchiemannJuly 19th, 2010

James Coglan has just released Faye 0.5, an easy-to-use publish-subscribe messaging system for Ruby, Node.js and web browsers, based on the Bayeux protocol. It lets you send messages between web clients and handles problems including client identification, network dropouts or transport differences.

The major additions in this release match many of the recent improvements in cometD 2.0 and more including:

  • The use of WebSockets in the browser where supported
  • Compatibility with cometD servers and clients
  • An extension API to layering extra functionality onto the server and client
  • Handling multiple subscriptions per channel
  • Improved handling of network dropouts and server restarts

More information is available on James’ blog, and on the Faye website.

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