cometD 2.0 Released

by Dylan SchiemannJuly 19th, 2010

cometD 2.0.0 has been released and features 2 major changes: a rewritten Java API (and implementation) and WebSocket support. View the changelog for a complete list of updates.

The core Bayeux protocol is unchanged, so cometD 1 and cometD 2 are interoperable at the protocol level. cometD 2 provides a completely revised Java API, with the goal being a simplified API. Applications written with the cometD 1 APIs needs to be ported to the CometD 2 APIs, but the concepts are the same.

cometD 2 has been rewritten from scratch, and JDK 6 is now a requirement (though there is some discussion about backporting it to JDK 5 with somewhat degraded performance), and extensively using JDK’s concurrency features making CometD 2 very scalable.

The other major update is that cometD 2 now supports WebSocket, both on the server (as one of the available transports) and on the client (in the JavaScript library - not yet in the Java client). Browsers such as Safari 5+, Chrome 5+, and Firefox 4+ that support WebSocket can communicate with the cometD server even more efficiently.

Documentation is on its way; an initial migration guide is available and more will follow.

Updated examples and demos are available in the cometD 2.0 distribution tarball.

Congratulations to Simone Border, Greg Wilkins, and the other contributors that made this release possible!

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