Comet Message sizes

by Martin TylerJune 11th, 2010

I did some interesting research recently resulting in a blog about Comet server message sizes and bandwidth considerations. That blog focused on four Comet servers that come up in our commercial engagements, but I thought it would be interesting to see what the other contributors at Comet Daily have to say about the messages sizes of their Comet server of choice.

The blog covered message sizes for Caplin Liberator, Lightstreamer, Adobe LCDS and my-Channels Nirvana. There are also comments from Kaazing and Migratory Push Server.

The message to represent is:

Field1 123456
Field2 234567
Time1 1274181389019

Some servers represent field/values natively, whereas some have more opaque messages, e.g. WebSocket like implementations, where the developer would have to represent the field/value structure himself or use a flavour of object serialisation.

Anyway, comments welcome.

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