HTML 5 WebSocket Updates

by Martin TylerApril 21st, 2010

There’s been a few interesting things on HTML 5 WebSocket recently that I thought were worth mentioning.

Firstly a blog on InfoQ about How HTML5 WebSockets Interact With Proxy Servers. This was the first blog I had really seen that tackled this subject - most blogs about WebSocket have been either ignoring the issue or been ignorant of the issue.

Some interesting stuff from Google that Greg Wilkins brought to my attention. Greg’s post on the hybi mailing list which referenced a post by Adam Langley from Google which talks about some testing they carried out regarding success rates of WebSocket connections using real users (of Google Chrome). The tests show that you really need to be using WebSocket over SSL to successfully reach all your clients (obviously, all your clients meaning only the ones that are passed the first hurdle of having a WebSocket enabled browser). The problem here is proxies, which the InfoQ article also concludes, but these tests put some real numbers behind it.

Finally a blog by me on Why we don’t need HTML 5 WebSocket and a blog by Greg on WebSocket Chat which cover some opinions on WebSocket.

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