Jetty WebSocket Server

by Greg WilkinsDecember 21st, 2009

WebSocket is an API and a Protocol that have come from the Whatwg for the purposes of improving Comet support in the browser and on the network. The API is now being standardized by the W3C and the IETF is considering creating a WebSocket working group to standardize the protocol.

I’m not a big fan of the WebSocket protocol, as evidenced by my blog on how to improve WebSocket, the BWTP proposal and/or the IETF Hybi mailing list. But Chrome and Firefox will soon be supporting WebSocket, so WebSocket (for better or for worse) will soon be available in the wild.

So if you can’t beat them, join them. Having failed to convince others to create a better protocol, I’m now determined for Jetty to provide the best implementation of the protocol and to become the server of choice for WebSocket Comet development, deployment ( and experimenting with improving the protocol).

Jetty’s async IO architecture is ideally suited to providing a very scalable implementation of WebSocket that is well integrated with standard server-side java application environments. Thus Jetty-7.0.1 now includes a WebSocket server. Feedback welcome!

5 Responses to “Jetty WebSocket Server”

  1. Justin Meyer Says:

    I’m glad that you are going to keep jetty moving along with whatever the browsers give us. I’ll hopefully get time to play with this next month.

  2. Daniel Sterling Says:

    The WebSocket protocol is bizarre and insulting. After the handshake, why can’t both sides fall back to pure socket semantics? The answer, I suppose, is that the protocol is trying to save us from ourselves. That never works; as the saying goes, if you try to make something idiot-proof, the world will just build a bigger idiot.

    Did Chrome and FF teams jump the gun implementing this standard? Will we need WebSocket 2.0 before we can unshackle ourselves from a protocol that assumes we don’t know what we’re doing?

  3. Ajaxian » Jetty introduces WebSocket support (relunctantly) Says:

    [...] defined. His BWTP proposal didn’t get traction so what does he do? He introcuces a great Jetty WebSocket implementation: Chrome and Firefox will soon be supporting WebSocket, so WebSocket (for better or for worse) will [...]

  4. Joe McCann Says:

    This is really cool. Looks like yet another project to hack on for the new year.

  5. Greg Wilkins Says:

    cometd (2.0 branch) is pretty much working with websockets now….. just need to put it all together into a release.

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