cometD 1.0.1 Released

by Dylan SchiemannDecember 18th, 2009

The cometD project recently reached the 1.0 milestone!

The CometD project ships the following libraries to develop comet web applications:

* A JavaScript library, with bindings for the well known Dojo and jQuery toolkits
* A Java client library, to be used, for example, in rich Java clients such as Swing applications
* A Java server library, to be used to implement the logic behind you application

The Bayeux protocol is considered complete as well. The Python and Perl versions of the cometD server are not yet production quality, and the project is seeking contributors to help get those servers improved.

Maven users will enjoy the simplicity of getting up and running:

$ mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeCatalog=
$ mvn install jetty:run

The cometD 1.0 announcement blog has more details, and there’s also a lengthy article on cometD features and extensions.

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