APE (Ajax Push Engine) 1.0

by Dylan SchiemannDecember 12th, 2009

Weeyla has released version 1.0 of APE (Ajax Push Engine), an open-source Comet server. APE is available under a GPL license and was developed in C.

The project includes a server and a JavaScript framework that is a derivative of MooTools (though it of course works with Dojo, jQuery, and other JavaScript toolkits). APE uses a pub/sub model with its own protocol, and states that it currently scales to more than 100,000 concurrent users. It has some similarities to Orbited in its approach of many other protocols and TCPSockets.

One Response to “APE (Ajax Push Engine) 1.0”

  1. rd2009 Says:

    Now we have a very good set of Comet Products(Ape, LightStreamer,Orbitted….). I guess now it is good time to compare these tools.

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