TelegraphFail: Make sure you use your OWN data

by Andrew BettsApril 21st, 2009

It pains me to think of how frequently this happens and wonder why media companies still think it’s cool to allow unfiltered user generated content onto their sites. The Daily Telegraph, one of the main centre-right newspapers in the UK, has an editor in love with Twitter and Comet in equal measure, and as a result devoted a large amount of screen real estate to a live twitterfall feed in anticipation of our upcoming budget:

Twitterfall is a real time twitter feed hosted on EC2 and using Meteor for Comet. It simply streams tweets onto your page based on filters you can define. Unfortunately for the Telegraph, the only filter they set up was the hashtag #budget.

See the results for yourself:

And so it went on, and on, until the widget made a sudden and mysterious disappearance about three hours after it was published. The moral of this story? Try to resist the urge to stream unfiltered user generated content directly onto your prestige pages. :-)

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