iPhone, iStreamLight, SharePrice, and Lightstreamer

by Alessandro AlinoneNovember 10th, 2008

In July I published a musing titled iPhone Puzzle: A Native Lightstreamer Client? On October 24th the new NDA was released, finally allowing us to talk about code developed for the iPhone.

Gianluca Bertani, author of the iStreamLight open-source library, has updated the Google Code page of the project to explicitly mention that the library was successfully tested on the iPhone.

The library is fully compatible with Cocoa Touch and the iPhone SDK 2.1

Below is a video showing a demo application based on iStreamLight running on the iPhone simulator, side-by-side with the Lightstreamer home page:

Last week, the first public application embedding the iStreamLight library was freely released on the UK iTunes app store by Shareprice.

Shareprice on the iPhone

This is a comment from Interactive Investor:

The application is a true first from a technical perspective, being the first approved native iPhone application to integrate with Lightstreamer in order to stream prices between the ‘market’ and the iPhone.  All other apps to our knowledge poll for their data (and 15 minute delayed data at that), so being able to offer real-time tick by tick streaming is a massive leap forward.

From the Shareprice site:

Free live data until next release!
From the next release, we plan to charge £4 per month to ensure our users get a dedicated stream and can grow to meet demand. This fee represents the licensing fee imposed on us by the LSE , we’re simply passing it on with no margin.
Download the app, register your username and password here and test it out!

Finally, A video capture demo of Shareprice is available.

6 Responses to “iPhone, iStreamLight, SharePrice, and Lightstreamer”

  1. Tim Says:

    Just to point out that the app is only currently available in the UK iPhone store for anyone outside of the UK trying to find it. It will be released internationally in the next 7-10 days.

  2. Mihai Rotaru Says:

    Looking at the capture demo, Shareprice looks quite nice. However streaming Reuters feeds could be a more complete offer as Bloomberg already has a very complete iPhone application. The good news is that the integration with Reuters feeds is straightforward using Migratory’s RMDS2Web Adapter LS – a ready-made Reuters RMDS adapter for Lightstreamer:


    For those who are interested to compare a live web application with a native one running on iPhone here is a demo using Migratory’s RMDS2WEB Server SE – a Reuters RMDS-centric Comet server:


    The good news is that RMDS2WEB Server SE is focused on real-time web distribution to a large number of users as the iPhone market is. Migratory’s Comet server scales up to 500,000 concurrent users from a single instance running on a machine with 2 dual-core processors at 2GHz.

  3. Martin Tyler Says:

    The iPhone app seems quite nice.

    Mihai - Do Migratory have their own comet server aswell as the Lightstreamer adapter or is it all Lightstreamer based?

  4. Mihai Rotaru Says:

    Hi Martin,

    RMDS2WEB SERVER SE is built on an in-house Comet server developed by Migratatory. FYI we’ll release by month’s end the benchmarking results and very soon a free hosted development platform based on it. Please feel free to visit our web site for more details:



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