Confetto: Live Chat Feeds from Code Camp

by Michael CarterNovember 9th, 2008

This weekend the annual Silicon Valley Code Camp is happening, with over 1300 attendees and 112 sessions. For the event, I helped put together a tool that we call Confetto (homepage forthcoming). Its purpose is to drive audience interaction during presentations, allowing attendees to comment live on slides and vote on questions for the speaker.

If you aren’t at Code Camp, you can still participate by visiting the relevant session pages listed on the SVCC schedule. You can also watch a live Confetto aggregation feed of all questions and comments. You can also view a Live-updating Tag Cloud which provides a neat visualization of real-time Code Camp / Confetto content.

Confetto is a collaboration project between Dojo, Jetty/Cometd, and Orbited. I will follow up next week with an in-depth article with technical details about the application.

Don’t miss my talk on WillowChat, another Comet-based chat server, which is at 1:45pm US/Pacific time.

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