Dojo and WebSocket

by Dylan SchiemannOctober 29th, 2008

The HTML5 defined WebSocket has been gaining in popularity because of its efficient and intuitive approach to Comet. Orbited has done a great job preparing for the day when native implementations exist by providing the same WebSocket API that will eventually be provided by major web browsers.

While the support for WebSocket used to be tied to the Orbited Comet server, it has been recently decoupled from the server. The JavaScript layer of support was recently moved to for maximum interoperability. Mario Balibrera just checked-in code for wrapping with the Dojo-based package system, making it very easy for Dojo apps to now access the APIs, and WebSocket in particular! In addition to support for dynamically including namespaces, it is also of course very easy to roll your own Dojo build with WebSocket support! We’ll follow-up with a tutorial next week.

One Response to “Dojo and WebSocket”

  1. niceteg Says:

    thanks! Will it works in iis?

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