Comet Panel: Submit Your Questions Now!

by Michael CarterOctober 26th, 2008

This Wednesday, October 29th, Comet Daily will have a strong showing at the panel titled The Chronicles of Web Standards: The HTML 5, The Comet and The WebSocket (a take on C.S. Lewis’ popular novel.) If you haven’t put in your RSVP yet (it’s free), then the time is now because there are already 308 other registrations (at the time of this writing) and it’s going to cost you $10 if you just show up to the door.

If you aren’t in Mountain View, or you can’t make the panel for some reason, don’t despair: You can submit and vote on questions before and even during the panel, and since Google is videotaping the entire event, you can view the response to your questions after the panel.

Additional information and blog posts about the content of the event can be found at the SVWebBuilder Blog. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

One Response to “Comet Panel: Submit Your Questions Now!”

  1. jack Says:

    Im using comet tomcat java ajax call for server push.
    problem is the browser is continously making ajax call.
    whether server pushes fresher data or not.
    i want the browser make a fresher only if server pushes new data.if not so browser should not make any call to server.please helpme.

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