Tutorial: Rails + Orbited (With js.io Stomp)

by Michael CarterOctober 9th, 2008

There is a new tutorial by Brandon Casci on using Orbited with Rails. He takes a similar approach to that which I outlined in my previous article on Stomp. The tutorial is a great introduction that takes you through everything you need to get off the ground with Orbited and Rails.

If you’ve messed around with HTTP push/Comet solutions you’ve probably discovered are a fair amount of free and commercial choices, most solutions a lot to be desired.

For Ruby and Rails specific solutions I tried juggernaut and shooting_star. The client component in both projects frequently didn’t know when they were disconnected from the server and consequently never tried to reestablish the connection. Meh…..

After a few weeks of frustration I discovered Orbited, a really good push server. It’s built with Python, but that matters little. It’s an agnostic daemon that integrate with whatever you like. Orbited ships with support for many protocols out of the box, including IRC, XMPP, and STOMP.

My needs were simple for the time being, so I went with STOMP. So if you want replicate my setup you’ll need to have Orbited + dependencies, a STOMP server and the stomp gem.

I’m on Ubuntu 8.04, so lets rock n’ roll!!!!!

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