Persevere Tutorial

by Dylan SchiemannJuly 23rd, 2008

Kris Zyp has published a great tutorial on using Persevere with Dojo.

The Persevere server is an open source JSON application and storage server. Persevere pairs well with Dojo; the Dojo Data paradigm has a strong correlation to Persevere’s data storage structure. Virtually everything you can create or action you can perform with Dojo Data can be persisted in Persevere’s data storage including subobjects, arrays, circular references, and functions. Combining Persevere with Dojo allows you to rapidly develop simple database applications with create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) capabilities with minimal effort.

Comet support in Persevere occurs with HTTP Channels.

You can start building applications almost instantly; no need to create schemas or table definitions ahead of time, simply start creating and building dynamic persistent objects in your data stores, and connect them to widgets for display. You can build your entire application, client and server, in JavaScript.

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