Bindows adds Comet Support

by Dylan SchiemannJune 17th, 2008

Bindows has recently added Comet support through BindowsFaces, a Bindows + JSF implementation, and GlassFish.

It’s great to see one of the original JavaScript toolkits adopt Comet (and Bayeux) through its GlassFish-based implementation. Bindows was originally developed by Erik Arvidsson and others back in the days before the term Ajax was coined, and prior to Erik and Emil joining Google. Bindows continues to offer a feature-rich toolkit for building great web apps.

2 Responses to “Bindows adds Comet Support”

  1. Magnus Karlsson Says:

    An important note: Bindows is not limited to the Glassfish server.

    BindowsFaces uses an abstraction layer between itself and the Comet interface of the server.

    This means that a developer can implement an adapter, following the BindowsFaces Comet adapter API, that can be used to run BindowsFaces Comet applications on ANY java server that has Comet support.

    As was mentioned in the article, such an adapter is available for the Glassfish server.

    Magnus Karlsson
    Bindows Team

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    [...] Grizzly has its Comet Framework and Grizzlet API, etc. So, framework like DWR, ICEFaces and Bindows all added native support and abstracted a layer in order to support different Comet API. Worse, if [...]

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