Various Comet Projects Hosted at Sourceforge

by Dylan SchiemannJune 3rd, 2008

Yesterday, we examined Comet projects hosted at Google Code. Today, we return with a quick summary of alternative Comet projects hosted at Sourceforge:

  • Aonic Framework, a JavaScript Framework designed primarily for asynchronous push communication
  • Audiomat, a kiosk-like jukebox system
  • Collaborative UML Designer, a real-time collaborative web application for distributed modeling of UML 2.0 class diagrams
  • Comep, a PHP Comet server
  • CometBlaster, a Java implemented Comet Daemon with a message driven api
  • Emerge Toolkit, a state-preserved web development framework using O/R Mapping on the back-end, and Comet-style sockets
  • Ignant, a web stack that wraps your database schema with a RESTful API, generating an Ajax library, and a Comet broadcast system
  • JS2J, a Java-JavaScript framework that supports mapping of objects from Java to JavaScript and vice-versa
  • phpYahtzee, a PHP-implementation of Yahtzee with Ajax and Comet support
  • Pushup, an HTTP streaming daemon
  • SVGWT, a framework for building web applications for browsers supporting SVG combined with JavaScript, XUL, AJAX and Comet

As mentioned yesterday, these projects are of varying degree of quality and completeness. I highly recommend that some of these projects should consider merging or extending existing projects… for example, SVGWT, currently in the planning stages, should take a long look at dojox.gfx and dojox.cometd.

3 Responses to “Various Comet Projects Hosted at Sourceforge”

  1. Jose M. Arranz Says:

    ItsNat is missing in this list:

    ItsNat is a server centric Java web framework. It supports COMET (long polling), server-sent events (based on COMET) in any browser, remote views of web pages using COMET and pure SVG pages with server state including support of AJAX and COMET.

  2. DylanSchiemann Says:

    Hi Jose, I was mostly focusing on projects that hadn’t already been featured on Comet Daily. Checkout our Previous review of ItsNat.

  3. Jose M. Arranz Says:

    Ok, thanks Dylan, I though it was an exhaustive list :)

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