Facebook Chat and Comet Scaling

by Dylan SchiemannMay 16th, 2008

High Scalability is featuring a detailed analysis describing how the New Facebook Chat Feature Scales to 70 Million Users Using Erlang. Points of interest include:

  • long-polling
  • XMPP assumes persistent connections, so they store information on the server-side until connections become available
  • Erlang for handling large numbers of concurrent connections
  • Thrift was used to allow the PHP, Javascript, Erlang, and C++ parts of their system to invoke each other

Check out the full article for more details on building a web-based IM platform that supports 70 million users.

3 Responses to “Facebook Chat and Comet Scaling”

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  3. Alex Cheng Says:

    The old link is broken. The new link is http://highscalability.com/blog/2008/5/14/new-facebook-chat-feature-scales-to-70-million-users-using-e.html

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