JavaOne 2008: The Comet Explosion!

by Jean-Francois ArcandMay 8th, 2008

Comet is rocking JavaOne 2008! And especially on Wednesday. 1100 attendees listened to Asynchronous Ajax for Revolutionary Web Applications. And the BOFs are quite packed as well: (BOF-5661) Comet: The Rise of Highly Interactive Web Sites (Alex Russell and Joe Walker) had ~600 attendees, (BOF-4922) Writing Real-Time Web Applications, Using Google Web Toolkit and Comet ~600 attendees and (BOF-4922) Using Comet to Create a Two-Player Web Game, ~200 attendees. The Day One keynote also demonstrated a tic-tac-toe demo which under the hood uses Comet. So, the buzzword for JavaOne 2008 is Comet!

One Response to “JavaOne 2008: The Comet Explosion!”

  1. Michael Peacock Says:

    I think that’s the “cool kid’s” buzzword this year. The more sedate buzzwords appear to be SOA and composite applications. There’s no doubt in my mind though - Comet could make fundamental changes to the web itself and ultimately have a much larger impact on how we develop web apps than just about anything we’ve seen since, well, HTML.

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