Comet Games: Chess, Tic-tac-toe, Pong, and Poker

by Dylan SchiemannMay 7th, 2008

With the increasing interest in Comet and the recent Super Mario Brothers implementation and the Embedding and Encoding JavaScript analysis, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at games based on Comet techniques:

Today at JavaOne, Greg Wilkins showed me the recently deployed, a Jetty-powered Comet app that uses dojox.cometd on the client-side. It’s a solid implementation that shows chess moves in real-time, and to date is the best all-around Comet game I’ve seen that is live to the world.

Live Chess

Kaazing has an on-going live poker demo they show at conferences. Kaazing is currently available as a private beta.

Tomorrow night at JavaOne, Jean-Francois Arcand will be showing off a demo of how to create tic-tac-toe using GlassFish.

Finally, there is a Cometd pong demo that will soon be revived to work with the latest implementations of Cometd and Dojo. Of the games mentioned here, it’s the only one where latency makes the game completely unplayable, and as such presents a different problem to solve than turn-based games.

With the launch of the new, we now have a great example of a highly scalable Comet-based game.

3 Responses to “Comet Games: Chess, Tic-tac-toe, Pong, and Poker”

  1. Mathieu Nouzareth Says:

    FYI, we have just launched a realtime casual game platform based on comet at Although the games are developed on Flash, the communication layer is done with APIs based on Ajax and Comet to a game server developed with Jetty. We currently have build around 15 multiplayers games with this technology.

    This platform has been built for massive scalability.

  2. retrogamer Says:

    Some similar games were implemented as add-ons to the various HTTP-Stream web chats in the late 90ies (on top of fwc, [ell[hat, FWC,…). As developer of according daemons, having fun with select(), /dev/epoll, aio and event completion, spending my nights thinking about clustering solutions - it’s quite funny to read about this almost 10 years later. Thank you Comet guys for this revival!

    Funny to read the same old stuff as a fresh new hype. I’ll enjoy it from a distance.

  3. DylanSchiemann Says:

    @retrogamer: most of us here have been around since those days as well… I think it’s less hype and more excitement about this tech gaining some traction.

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