First Third-party Comet Service for Google App Engine Sighted

by Roberto SacconMay 1st, 2008

Only about three weeks after Google launched App Engine, a scalable application hosting platform as preview release to a limited number of developers, a first third party service has popped up, covering features which are not (or just not yet ?) part or Google App Engine. The service we are most interested in here is their Comet daemon. It has several limitations, no pricing has been announced yet, but it’s a start! Currently the following browsers and transport techniques are supported (but not yet fully tested):

  • Firefox 2 (XHR streaming)
  • Safari/Webkit 3.1 (XHR streaming)
  • Opera 9.2 (server sent events)
  • Internet Explorer 7 (Activex(”htmlfile”))
  • Internet Explorer 6 (Activex(”htmlfile”))
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 (Activex(”htmlfile”))
  • Konqueror (iframe)

The client-side Javascript is based on orbited.js from the Orbited project

2 Responses to “First Third-party Comet Service for Google App Engine Sighted”

  1. Martin Tyler Says:

    At a glance it doesnt really seem to have anything to do with google app engine, its a separate service you might use along side your google app engine app. Or did I understand it incorrectly?

  2. RobertoSaccon Says:

    Martin, your are correct. However most server side code examples they have released are specific to Google App Engine (GAE), and because their marketing (just that announcement so far) is targeted to the GAE crowd, as a non GAE user I would probably not feel comfortable using a service which is in pre-beta phase and which anytime could be more tied into GAE.

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