Comet Daily Authors at JavaOne 2008

by Jean-Francois ArcandApril 17th, 2008

JavaOne 2008 is around the corner, and here is a list of Comet-related talks you don’t want to miss. Interestingly, most of them will be presented by contributors to Comet Daily! They all look very interesting, but I strongly recommend TS-296823, where I will discuss Comet in general, from client side libraries like Dojo / Bayeux, DWR, and ICEfaces to server side support like Grizzly, Jetty and Tomcat.

And the following ones will talk about their implementations:

  • (TS-4883) Advanced Java™ NIO Technology-Based Applications Using the Grizzly Framework (Jean-Francois)
  • (BOF-5114) The Jetty Web Server (Greg Wilkins)
  • (TS-5030) Building Secure Mashups with OpenAjax (Jon Ferraiolo)

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