Reverse Ajax with Google Gears?

by Dylan SchiemannApril 11th, 2008

In other Google news, Dion Almaer writes about resumable uploads with Gears. Can anyone say forever-frame in reverse, by simulating a really large upload to keep a persistent client to server connection open? At the first Comet presentation I made two years ago, I was asked how to establish a Comet connection in reverse. Perhaps Gears can get us something, intentionally or unintentionally, to accomplish this goal?

2 Responses to “Reverse Ajax with Google Gears?”

  1. Aaron Says:

    It doesn’t work because for large files, the connection gets more likely to be dropped. The problem is that there’s no standard protocol for the two sides to break up the work into pieces, and even if there was, there’s no way for javascript to do the breaking up. That is what we intend to solve with FilePicker and Blob:

  2. Brian Says:

    I’ve often wondered if this was something that Gears could do. Would there be some way to reverse the client-server arrangement with Gears, essentially turning the Gears-enhanced browser into a server with one client (the other server)?

    I’ll have to go read more about Gears to see, I think…

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