Comet Maturity Guide

by Comet DailyMarch 25th, 2008

In our recent article on the Maturity of Existing Comet Implementations, we took a first stab at comparing the features between Comet servers and clients that lead to a mature, easy to use, scalable implementation. We have now rolled out a first version of a Comet Maturity Guide, a grid view of this information, making it easier to compare Comet implementations.

We have already been asked “what about Comet server X?”. At this point, we are writing about the implementations we are most familiar.

One Response to “Comet Maturity Guide”

  1. Robert Schultz Says:

    Excellent grid!

    Thank you very much for summarizing things up so nicely in the grid. It will come in very handy when I actually find time to start on my project that involves using comet :)

    If when I compare them for my project I come up with any info that would be useful to add on the chart, I’ll let you know :)

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