Domerl: A New Comet lib for Erlang

by Roberto SacconMarch 10th, 2008

Since the introductory article about Erlang and Comet, a new open source project by Torbjörn Törnkvist is giving some additional choice: domerl. As the name suggests, its focus is on serverside triggered DOM manipulation. The Comet implementation is currently rather simple, just XHR-long-polling, no Bayeux and no bells and whistles, but less is sometimes more! The source is in a git repository, contains some examples and can be cloned as follow:

git clone git://

The project dependencies are yaws (Erlang web server) and jQuery.

One Response to “Domerl: A New Comet lib for Erlang”

  1. NGuyen Trung Thanh Says:

    how to use this library? Please tell me more detail to install it.
    I installed yaws.

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