Coming Soon: Comet on AIR?

by Dylan SchiemannFebruary 25th, 2008

With the launch of Adobe AIR today, and our work adding AIR compatibility for the Dojo Toolkit, it seems only fitting to start asking what it will take to get a Comet-based app running inside AIR.

Currently, we need to update our Cometd demos to work with the latest Dojo 1.1, so we haven’t started testing this yet. AIR has restrictions for post-onload that we have addressed, so hopefully by this time next week we’ll be able to show off what’s possible. The forever-frame technique might be a challenge, but long-polling should be trivial. While developers will always have Flash XML Sockets available in this environment, being able to just drop Lightstreamer’s stock quote app onto the desktop has to be compelling for a certain class of users.

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