Scaling != Adoption

by Michael CarterJanuary 22nd, 2008

One thing I’ve learned as Lead Developer of the Orbited project is that the vast majority of users are almost entirely concerned with a single aspect or feature of Comet servers. That is, how easy it is to implement a “Hello World” style application. Cross-platform or cross-language capabilities are only a minor plus, and advanced features are wholly discounted. Developers are primarily concerned with just seeing something work right away.

I imagine that a year down the road there will be more interest in advanced features like scalability and delivery guarantees. But there are so few Comet applications out there that work for even one user, much less need to support hundreds of thousands. For this reason, the Orbited 0.4 release is aimed at developer usability. We are making sure that every example works out of the box. After we win the first battle of gaining introductory-level Comet developers, we’ll then concentrate on the advanced features.

2 Responses to “Scaling != Adoption”

  1. Stuart Langridge Says:

    Sounds like a great plan to me. My first concern with these things is always testing it, and most sites don’t actually need to be able to cope with a hundred hits a second - the chance to would be a fine thing :)

  2. Simon Proctor Says:

    I love the concept of Comet and am keeping an eye on it’s progress (once I get my new laptop I may even do some work with it). It has to be said having dealt with a few real world apps that it would be useful with scaling is to me a major concern and one I’m going to be keeping an eye on.

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