Getting Started with Lightstreamer

by Alessandro AlinoneDecember 19th, 2007

In a recent blog post by Simon Willison on Comet and Bayeux (mentioned by Dylan in a recent musing), an introduction to the basics of getting up and running with Cometd was provided.

I would like to provide similar easy steps to get started with Lightstreamer.

  1. Make sure you have a JDK (Java Development Kit) installed on your PC. You can get the latest JDK version from Sun (choose the first download link, that currently reads “JDK 6 Update 3″).

    2. Download Lightstreamer Moderato (you will be requested to register your details first, but it’s a fast process).

    3. Extract the contents of the zip or tar.gz archive. A “Lightstreamer” directory will be created (that is your installation home directory).

    4. Edit the “LS.bat” file under “Lightstreamer\bin\windows” and set LS_HOME and JAVA_HOME according to your environment. On Linux/Unix, do the same with the “” script under “Lightstreamer/bin/unix-like”.

    5. Start Lightstreamer Server. On Windows, execute “Start_LS_as_Application.bat” under “Lightstreamer\bin\windows”. On Linux/Unix, execute “” under “Lightstreamer/bin/unix-like”.

    6. Point your browser to “http://localhost:8080/StockListDemo” and you should see a demo showing real-time stock data (generated by a server-side simulator) delivered to the client in streaming mode.

3 Responses to “Getting Started with Lightstreamer”

  1. Jonathan Boutelle Says:

    This should be a screencast! Do it DHH-style and put it on youtube.

  2. Alessandro Alinone Says:

    Good suggestion. We’ll do that as soon as we have time.

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