ItsNat has Comet Support

by Dylan SchiemannDecember 3rd, 2007

ItsNat is a recent toolkit for Java Developers looking to develop Ajax and Comet applications. The toolkit contains a fairly extensive feature showcase. ItsNat takes a very different server-centric approach than I would normally take with a combo such as Dojo + Cometd. Nevertheless, the emergence of many Comet implementations with different approaches is exciting.

One Response to “ItsNat has Comet Support”

  1. Jose M. Arranz Says:

    First of all, thanks for your comments.

    ItsNat is server centric but can coexist and cooperate with rich JavaScript libraries like Dojo, do you know Dojo? :)

    For instance, you can send custom JavaScript from server (ItsNatDocument.addCodeToSend(Object)) to call client libraries or call the server using ItsNat “user defined events” from client JavaScript for instance using a handler registered in a Dojo component.

    This applies to COMET too, any pending JavaScript code queued to send to the client is sent when the method CometNotifier.notifyClient() is called.


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