DWR and Grizzly

by Joe WalkerNovember 28th, 2007

Thanks to some quick hackery that Jean-Francois Arcand and I have been doing, DWR (and specifically Reverse Ajax) now supports Grizzly, the web-server from Sun’s GlassFish project. The code turned out to be really very simple because Grizzly supports Jetty’s ‘Ajax Continuations,’ so there wasn’t much change needed. The code should be out with the next release of DWR which we’ve been calling 2.1, but I’m thinking there is enough new stuff that it really should be called 3.0.

3 Responses to “DWR and Grizzly”

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    [...] to many other Comet server implementations, they have made quick strides in supporting Bayeux and DWR. Grizzly is part of the Glassfish application server, but has its own workspace and a growing [...]

  2. deepinder Says:

    DWR abstracts out that part of checking the underlying comet api.Although is there a way to override that(use the developer specified class instead of the one used by dwr).what does dwr do when it does not find an underlying comet api(does it fall back to normal polling-if yes then can the developer using dwr detect this).I want to provide a solution of push using dwr that can be deployed on multiple app servers-weblogic8.5 to start with.is comet enabled when using dwr in weblogic8x

  3. Entering the Atmosphere Framework: Comet for Everyone, Everywhere « 655321 Says:

    [...] Servlet 3.0 API support, Grizzly has its Comet Framework and Grizzlet API, etc. So, framework like DWR, ICEFaces and Bindows all added native support and abstracted a layer in order to support different [...]

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