An Introduction to Bayeux

by Dylan SchiemannOctober 29th, 2007

The Cometd project is developing Bayeux, “a protocol for routing events between clients and servers in a publish subscribe model.”

The Bayeux protocol was born from the idea that asynchronous messaging should be possible between all participants, and not tied to a specific client or server.

There are a number of Comet server implementations not part of Cometd that either support Bayeux or are working to support Bayeux, including implementations by Sun, IBM, BEA, and others.

Implemented in JSON, Bayeux defines the format for channels (topics), message formats, and meta-messages formats. Examples of meta messages include handshake, connect, disconnect, subscribe, unsubscribe, and their responses. An example message:

    "channel": "/some/name",
    "clientId": "83js73jsh29sjd92",
    "data": { "myapp" : "specific data", value: 100 }

Bayeux also defines event delivery format, transport types (forever-frame, long-polling, etc.), authentication hooks, and more. For complete details, read the Bayeux protocol, or check back soon for a detailed article about Bayeux.

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